Dedicating/Sponsoring Hospital Departments

Radiation Oncology Department

विविकरण ऑन्कोलॉजी विभाग

Equipped with world class facilities in the field of radiation, medical and surgical oncology so that patients have access to the most recent and advanced cancer care.

Heart Center (Department of Cardiology)

हार्ट सेंटर

Equipped with state-of-the-art 2 cath labs with dedicated operation theatre, lamellar flow, 30 cardiac beds and other heart care technologies.

Advance Eye Care Center

एडवांस आई केयर सेण्टर

The most advanced facilities for cataract, glaucoma, squint, corneal, retinal and vitreous surgeries and equipped with eye ultrasound, lasik and lasers etc.

Respiratory and Chest Medicine

श्वसन और छाती विभाग

Equipped with best-in-class machines like PFT Machines, bronchoscopes, endo bronchial ultrasound (EBUS), argon, plasma coagulators and sleep lab.


नवजात शिशु - आई. सी. यू.

Specialzed units equipped with advanced technology to take care of sick and premature babies requiring specialized nursing care.

Intensive Care Unit

आई. सी. यू.

80 bedded fully equipped critical care unit with ultra-modern infrastructure facilities of various specialities i.e. MICU, SICU, Cardiac ICU, CTVS ICU, Neuro ICU, Respiratory ICU.

Dialysis Unit (Department of Nephrology)

डायलिसिस विभाग

The hospital will have state-of-the-art 20 dialysis unit with 27*7 emergency dialysis and Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT).

Department of Nuclear Medicine and PET-CT

परमाणु चिकित्सा विभाग

Cutting edge technologies in diagnostic and radionuclide's therapeutic facilities equipped with high end PET-CT scanner SPECT-CT Scanner and Gamma Camera etc.

Joint Replacement with Spinal Surgery

स्पाइनल सर्जरी के साथ ज्वाइंट रिप्लेसमेंट

Joint Replacement with Spinal Surgery department will be equipped with cutting-edge technology and techniques, providing the highest quality care for patients with joint replacement needs.

Organ Transplant

अंग प्रत्यारोपण

Liver and kidney transplantation facilities with a dedicated transplant Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Radio Diagnosis (X-ray and USG, CT, MRI)

रेडियो डायग्नोसिस

We are equipped with the latest technology, such as x-rays, ultrasounds, CT Scans, MRIs, PET Scans and more. These modalities are used routine imaaging in the areas of trauma, cardiac and neurovascular.

Laboratory Services (Biochemistry, Histopathology, Microbiology and Immunology)

प्रयोगशाला विभाग (लेबोरेटरी विभाग)

Advanced and wide range of clinical lab test to detect, diagnose, monitor and treat diseases.

Blood Bank and Transfusion Medicine

ब्लड बैंक और ट्रांसफूजन मेडिसिन

Fully equipped with latest technologies for component separation and apharesis Opertational 24*7 for collection, separation and issuing blood components to patients.

Emergency and Triage

आपातकालीन विभाग

Bhagwan Mahavir hospital will provide services in trauma and non-trauma medical and surgical emergencies 24 hrs. It is equipped with 15 beds located on ground floor with a separate entrance and dedicated emergency helpline.

Maternity and Child Care

मातृत्व एवं बाल विभाग

Creating an unforgettable experience for bithing mother and family in welcoming their bundle of joy into the world alogn with high end intensive care units (NICU) for newbor.

Dental Department

दन्त चिकित्सा विभाग

Housing the most advanced dental equipment for crown, bridges, implants, root canal, fix braces, gum therapy, cosmetic therapy and pediatric dentistry.

Gastroenterology and Hepatobiliary Department

गैस्ट्रोएंटरोलॉजी और हेपोटोबिलरी

Equipped with high end video endoscopes like gastroscope, colonoscope, ultrasound endoscopes (EVS), video capsule, argon plasma coagulators and provide services in the field of gastrointestinal tract, hepatology and pancreatology.

Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy

फिजियोथेरेपी विभाग

Physiotherapy exercises and rhabilitation services in preventing diabetes, hypertension, promoting the restoration of active healthy life, equipped with all state-of-the-art machines and facilities.

OPD Block

ओ. पी. डी. ब्लॉक

OPD block will have 30 odd OPD of various medical specialities equipped with all the latest accessories and will be located on 1st floor easily accessible by stairs, lifts and escalators.

Conference Hall

कांफ्रेंस हॉल

100 seat conference hall for public awareness programmes on health, education and training of hospital staff.

Medical Health and Fitness Center

मेडिकल हेल्थ and फिटनेस सेण्टर

It has a facility of 100 seat conference room, an excercise and yoga lounge, meditation center, a cafeteria etc. under the expert supervision of trainer, physiotherapists and dieticians to maintain holistic health.