Dedicating/Sponsoring Hospital Facilities

Hospital Lobby, Entrance & Reception

अस्पताल की लॉबी/प्रबेश और स्वागत कक्ष पर नामांकरण

Double height entrance with all the grandeur of the building, connected with the rest of the hospital by a wide & conforable stairs, 7 lifts & escalators to OPD block and fully automated reception managed by well trained & compassionate staff.

Sadhus-Sadhvis Block (UPAASHRYA)

साधु-साध्वी सेवा विभाग

Six rooms facility on 1st floor will provide all medical necessities for Sadhus-Sadhvis without distrubing their routine protocol.

Hospital Individual Rooms/Beds (271)

अस्पताल के व्यक्तिगत कमरे/बेड 271

Centrally air conditioned provided with oxygen supply, suction and nurse call facility, specially designed for comfort & safety.

Two Blocks of Elevator Four & Three Each

लिफ्ट के दो ब्लॉक

Two dedicated elevator for secure & comfortable movements of the patients, patient's bed & medical equipments.

Operation Theatres with Robotic Surgery

ऑपरेशन थिएटर विभाग

Our state-of-the-art modular operating theatres are fully equipped and capable of performing all types of surgeries, including robotic surgery. Each theatre is equipped with its own independent air handling unit.

CT Scan

सीटी स्कैन

128 Slice CT scanner with integrated innovative technologies designed to cover routine imaging to advanced applications in trauma, cadiac and neurovascular imaging.


पी. ई. टी. सीटी

High-end machines used for early detection of diseases such as cancer and other diseases, precise staging of disease progression and accurate monitoring of the effects of therapy.

MRI Block

ऍम. आर. आई

The most advanced diagnostic & screening imaging services with added precision and accuracy mainly used to detect brain & spinal cord abnormalities.

Parking Two Floors

दो मंजिला पार्किंग

Two floors automated car stack parking system located on B1 & B2 to accommodate 150 cars with 20 charging stations.

Kitchen & Cafeteria

भोजनालय और कैफेटेरिया

Fully automated kitchen to provide quality, hygienic meals for staff, visitors while also creating nutritious menus of variety of dietary needs of the patients.

Hospital Ambulance Vehicles (5)

एम्बुलेंस वाहन (5)

Five ambulances equipped with advance life support system & trained medical staff to transfer patients smoothly, swiftly & safely.